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Fascinated by texture and colour, Kate is a self-taught Australian artist working across Resin and Acrylic mediums to produce offerings of painterly and abstract escapism. Inspired by the occurrence of texture and colour in both natural and urban environments, Kate’s vibrant acrylic works explore the notion of daydreams, with intent to transport minds seeking escape from the monotony of everyday life. Kate’s technique presents a textural dance between controlled intentional brush strokes and the free form manipulation of a palette knife. Kate’s resin work is an intuitive practice, conveying an abstract response to her internal dialogue, drawing on an ever changing landscape of inspiration and mood. Themes of harmony and discord presented through the unpredictable nature of the medium, reflect a therapeutic working process which utilises a necessary practice of surrender and relinquishment of control.

Born in country New South Wales, Australia, Kate was raised on a farm until the age of 12 when she attended boarding school in Sydney then later, Canberra. Kate’s artistic inclinations began from an early age and followed her through her childhood and schooling years. Following her secondary education she studied Graphic Design, graduating from North Sydney’s Billy Blue College of Design in 2011 with a Bachelor of Applied Design. Eventually settling into a career freelancing in Graphic Design, Kate felt it did not offer her the creative freedom she yearned to have. Seeking creative fulfilment, she began experimenting with acrylics and later, resin. Painting provided a creative outlet more liberal than the limitations of the corporate design environment. It became clear that painting was an intrinsic component of her true self, so she made a commitment to continue her art practice and exploration.

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